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Welcome to Great Gma's Front Porch!!

I love making one-of-a-kinds and you will see a lot of them here! However, if you really want more than what I have listed please contact me! If I have the materials/supplies to make more I will be happy to do it for you!

Gma always said "It never hurts to ask!"


I invite you to grab your favorite beverage and sit back, relax and do a little shopping!


Have fun and thank you for coming.


You are always welcome on Great Gma's Front Porch! Denver Grandma's Feather Bed.mp3


I have finally moved!!!

I have finally found a house and I'm in the process of unpacking all my craft supplies, etc. Between a full time job and trying to unpack it is going rather slowly. Please be patient with any orders that you place as I am not set up to actually craft yet. I will post again when I'm in full gear to get busy crafting. Thank you for your patience!

My Postings & Photos

Don't be surprised if you find a photo of an item under the wrong description. There has been some issues with the Hopefully I have managed to "fix" the way it looks until they can really fix the issue.

Thank you!

Americana Baseball Bowl Fillers

Wednesday, April 4 - Item of the week!

See it under Summer items then Americana  !


I am sorry I will not be listing anything tonight. I got to watch my little grandson this weekend and have not had the chance to finish the project for tonights posting. I will be posting something next Wednesday. Thank you for understanding!


Oh my! it was about 70 here today! I know it's too early but I want to play in the garden!

Christmas, the New Year & Valentine's Day

     With Christmas Time being over (but never over in our hearts!) the New Year is upon us. Time to sit back and reflect on the past year, our many blessings and make plans and focus on the future. Grandma always said "Don't dwell on the past. Any wrong decisions made can not be changed, just consider them as a lesson learned".


     For those of you that like to purchase Christmas items throughout the year, I will keep my Christmas items listed and may be adding more items off and on through the year.  You can find a tab for Christmas under the Winter tab above.


     Our next Holiday coming up is Valentine's Day, which is not just for lover's anymore, but a day to show all our loved ones how much they mean to us. Which, we should do every day, not just one day a year.  I remember when I first got married Grandma gave me some wisdom to go by. The most important, and the one I remember the most is that she said "Never go to bed angry with one another. Always make up and the next day will be a better day". I believe that should include, not only your spouse, but any loved one in your life. You will find more Valentine's item under the Winter tab above.


     I will be listing a new item every Wednesday for the next few weeks while I finish some other projects I have started.


In the New Year I wish you wealth, health and happiness! God Bless.




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